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Should You Move in Retirement?

Many people look forward to retiring, and going to live beside a golf course, on the coast, or somewhere else where they have always dreamt of. It's enticing to think that your leisure time can be spent pursuing activities you have worked and longed for all your life. In fact, whole retirement communities are set up on the premise people want to relocate to such a scenario to live out the rest of their lives.

Gerry Ingersoll and his wife Sheila thought they had it all worked out. They bought a place near Fort Pierce in Florida and looked forward to a retirement by the ocean. They had previously discovered the area on vacation, including the little town of Stewart nearby, and felt it would be ideal for their later years. But it didn't work out as they had hoped, and they discovered once you have moved, it is then very difficult and expensive to decide that you got it wrong, and move back to your old community.

Top Retirement Tips

Convert RRSPs to income - Roger and Sarah, retired for several years, have delayed taking income from their RRSPs so they could enjoy the tax deferred growth as long as possible. They must start an income from their RRSPs before the end of the year they turn age 71.

Review investment portfolio - Joanne had been using investment funds to save for retirement. She had benefited over the long term by investing in equities, but wants a more income-oriented portfolio with less volatility for her retirement income needs.

Maintaining Independence

Over the next 10 years, as Babyboomers begin retiring the majority of these retirees will face financial challenges related to caring for aging parents.

The family home is often strongly connected to many wonderful life memories, therefore most seniors prefer to live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

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