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Financial Library

Saving Up For The Adolescent Years

Have you considered putting aside extra funds for the teenage years? If you haven't thought about this then you may want to if you have a child that is quickly headed towards the adolescent years. This can be a turbulent time, not just with the emotion and drama it can bring, but also with all of the associated expenses that it can add to the family budget.

What you Don’t Know Could Cost You

The age old saying, "Ignorance is bliss", may apply to many things in life. However, when it comes to your finances, ignorance can be absolutely devastating. Even the government is calling the startling low rate of financial literacy among Canadians an epidemic that can have catastrophic consequences for the nation's economic future.

Planning Ahead Eases Worries when Facing a Tax Audit

A letter arrives from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You are being audited. Panic ensues as you wonder what you did wrong and why the CRA is targeting you. "There must be bigger fish to fry," you might say to yourself.

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